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Tuesday 1st June 2021

09:20 CEST - 09:25 CEST | 5 mins

Welcoming address & day overview

09:25 CEST - 10:10 CEST | 45 mins
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Content discovery in the era of OTT

  • Change in consumer content consumption habits
  • Use of advanced user experience by SVOD giants
  • How can operators meet their customer expectations with often less resources?

Moderated: Monique van Dusseldorp - Curator & Moderator - Van Dusseldorp BV

10:10 CEST - 10:20 CEST | 10 mins

Break & Networking

10:20 CEST - 10:50 CEST | 30 mins

Conversation in the Super Aggregated World - Hosted by TiVo

In a world where everyone is aggregating content how do you stay ahead of the game and make sure your consumers can easily find, watch and enjoy the content they love. Super aggregation is supposed to give you all the choices but often it overwhelms.


In this session TiVo’s Head of Sales Engineering, Patrick Byrden will be joined by Miguel Rodrigues, Group Head of TV Product at Vodafone to discuss how conversational voice is making a real difference to how consumers interact with their Vodafone TV service and how TiVo and Vodafone have worked together to bring the solution to market in 5 European countries to date.


10:50 CEST - 11:00 CEST | 10 mins

Break & Networking

11:00 CEST - 11:30 CEST | 30 mins
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“A picture says more than a thousand words”: Discover how Telenet is increasing viewer engagement with appealing images - Hosted by Media Distillery

Consumers love visuals and the UX play a key role in helping viewers select the right content.

Appealing and descriptive images that purely represent the essence of the video help viewers choosing content quicker, ultimately leading to longer viewing and higher engagement.

Discover in this session how Media Distillery and Telenet collaborate on creating optimal video experiences by leveraging AI-powered video analysis solutions.


  • Introduction to Telenet and Media Distillery
  • Focus on Market Needs: the value of images in TV platforms
  • AI-powered solution Episodic Images™: what is it? What challenges did we face (image quality, aspect ratio)? How did we solve them?
  • Industry Forecasts and vision statements

Moderated: Guillaume Perrin - Market Analyst - Dataxis

11:30 CEST - 11:45 CEST | 15 mins

Break & Networking

11:45 CEST - 12:30 CEST | 45 mins
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Broadcasters strategic insights

  • What are the growth drivers for Free-to-air broadcasters?
  • Diversification options 
  • Advertising and monetization strategies
  • Free-to-air broadcasters going OTT: What strategies?

Moderated: Monique van Dusseldorp - Curator & Moderator - Van Dusseldorp BV

12:30 CEST - 13:30 CEST | 60 mins

Lunch & Networking

13:30 CEST - 14:00 CEST | 30 mins
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One to One Session - Hosted by Broadpeak

14:00 CEST - 14:10 CEST | 10 mins

Break & Networking

14:10 CEST - 14:55 CEST | 45 mins
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Country Focus: Israel

  • Overview of the TV and video landscape
  • Emergence of new players and services
  • Opportunities, challenges and the way forward

Moderated: Anette Schaefer - Managing Director - BIG Picture

14:55 CEST - 15:15 CEST | 20 mins

Break & Networking

15:15 CEST - 16:00 CEST | 45 mins
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Pay TV operators OTT D2C strategies

  • What are the approaches of operators & TV going OTT D2C?
  • Are TV networks and Pay TV distributors now competitors? 
  • Technology challenges and content protection

16:00 CEST - 16:05 CEST | 5 mins

Wrap up & vote of thanks