Agenda – Day 2 – Nextv Series Europe & CEE

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Nextv Series Europe & CEE - Agenda Day 2 - Wednesday 2nd June 2021

09:25 CEST - 10:10 CEST | 45 mins

FTA Broadcasters OTT D2C strategies

  • What are the approaches for broadcasters going OTT D2C?
  • Content strategy and content protection
  • Technology challenges

Moderated by: Anette Schaefer - Managing Director - BIG Picture

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10:20 CEST - 10:50 CEST | 30 mins

The Content Forward Experience: Increase Discoverability of Your Content on Amazon Fire TV - Hosted by Amazon

Fire TV brings the best of Amazon to entertainment, including the Alexa Voice Assistant, Amazon’s powerful recommendation engine and a cinematic smart TV user experience, allowing millions of customers all over the world to enjoy thousands of apps and video content every day.


In this session, Amazon’s Head of Developer Evangelism Mario Viviani will deep dive into how app developers and content owners can leverage Fire TV developer tools to build a Content-Forward experience that reaches millions of customers in their living rooms. You will learn how to increase discoverability and engagement of your content via features like Live TV integration, Voice Controls, Content Recommendations and Catalog Integration on Amazon Fire TV.

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11:00 CEST - 11:30 CEST | 30 mins

Build or Buy in OTT: Opportunities and challenges with in-house development - Hosted by Axinom

  • Differences in build vs buy strategy
  • Integrating best of breed solutions
  • Challenges of expansion and scalability with in-house development

Moderated by: Ophélie Boucaud - Market Analyst - Dataxis

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11:45 CEST - 12:30 CEST | 45 mins

Cloud TV for Pay TV D2C strategies

  • How are operators using cloud TV to launch OTT service and second screen services?
  • Advanced content discovery and personalization
  • Return on experience

Moderated by: Jörn Krieger - Freelance Journalist

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13:30 CEST - 14:00 CEST | 30 mins

Add a pinch of SALTO - The secret recipe of local streaming services - Hosted by MEDIAGENIX

Born from a three-way joint venture between TF1, M6 and public broadcaster France Télévisions, SALTO is the French answer to the big international streamers. During this talk we will investigate how local competitors can find each other, stand their ground and jointly serve up a relevant and distinguishing offer from scratch. We will also discuss how they can efficiently manage many thousands of hours of content with the corresponding metadata from different sources, while complying with all the rights, quotas, commitments and regulations.


In other words, what is their recipe for success?

  • How do local streamers look cool even when the giants turn up the heat?
  • Are they cooking on gas or facing technical challenges?
  • How do all the ingredients find each other in the content supply chain?
  • How to whip up the content catalogue and serve it on a plate to the consumer?
  • What if the plot thickens with competition authorities and regulators?

Moderated by: Sa Eva Nébié - Head Analyst - Dataxis

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14:10 CEST - 15:00 CEST | 50 mins

Country Focus: Turkey

  • Overview of the TV and video landscape
  • Emergence of new players and services
  • Opportunities, challenges and the way forward

Moderated by: Jörn Krieger - Freelance Journalist

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15:15 CEST - 16:00 CEST | 45 mins

Mobile operators going into TV and Pay TV going mobile

  • Mobile operators’ strategies to go into TV
  • D2C OTT approach
  • Launch of fixed line business and mergers

Moderated by: Ophélie Boucaud - Market Analyst - Dataxis

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16:10 CEST - 16:40 CEST | 30 mins

How to leverage cloud and AI to deliver winning in-home video experiences - Hosted by Plume

As video streaming continues to explode globally, broadband subscribers’ are increasingly reliant on service providers to deliver exceptional service quality. However, with growing subscriber demand, coupled with high-bandwidth premium services such as 4K, how can service providers meet the growing needs of both video distribution and consumption in the increasingly congested smart home?


Key topics:

  • Why broadband service providers must own the in-home video streaming experience
  • How to achieve exceptional QoE and reduce operational costs by leveraging data to establish the pillar of flawless WiFi delivery
  • Overview of the core elements needs for success: Adaptive WiFi, Traffic Prioritization, QoE visibility, and advanced device typing

Moderated by: Thibault Giry - Market Analyst - Dataxis

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