Reemah Sakaan | BritBox International - CEO

BritBox International
Reemah Sakaan is the CEO of, a BBC and ITV backed streaming service. In this role, Sakaan is responsible for the overall strategy and operations of BritBox globally, leading a world-class team over multiple regions. Reemah drives creative success, maximises commercial return, fosters the BritBox brand around the world. In her short tenure as CEO thus far, Sakaan has already implemented several global initiatives focused on a cohesive strategy across all territories. Having worked on growing the partnership between ITV and BBC since the beginning, Reemah was responsible for the creation of the BritBox brand and global concept. Before becoming CEO, Reemah served as Chief Creative Officer for BritBox Global as well as the Group Director of SVOD for ITV, launching BritBox in the UK in November of 2019 and serving as a pivotal part of the leadership team behind BritBox Australia. Prior to this, Reemah spent 18 months living in New York where she oversaw the growth of BritBox US’s subscribers and worked on the expansion of BritBox into Canada in February 2018. Reemah was formerly ITV’s director of marketing and media and previously worked at the BBC for 8 years.