Tzvi Gerstl | Synamedia - Senior Vice President of Engineering

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Tzvi Gerstl is Senior Vice President of Engineering. In this role, Tzvi is responsible for the Video Platform Engineering including Infinite, Foundation, cloud DVR and Advanced Advertising. Tzvi is an energetic and dynamic leader who has over 20 years’ experience in the digital pay-TV industry in senior and executive roles. He brings extensive and intimate knowledge of technical leadership in large-scale development programs, building world-class software. Tzvi joined Synamedia from Cisco where he was Head of the Infinite Home Engineering Group, an advanced cloud software solution for the pay-TV market. Prior to Cisco, Tzvi held the positions of Director and VP of Engineering, leading the Consumer Device Department at NDS. Tzvi holds a PhD in Scheduling Algorithms and is an author of more than 20 papers on Algorithms in high-ranked journals. He is a Dean Fellow at the Business School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.